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This skinny teen girl is what I’m talkin’ about.  Although I’m surprised she doesn’t have a vodka shot and a cigarette in her hand, she’s just downright Russkie HOT.  Our resident thin, skinny teen is sporting ribs, a defined pelvic bone, small tits and a nice tan.  This sexy, thin and petite skinny girl is having a fun time, and it shows in this totally erotic, nude photo shoot.  She’s a skinny teen nude model and boy is she good at what she does.  We can only hope that the photographer doesn’t ever buy her lunch, let her get skinnier, on the brink of anorexic, then shoot her bony ass again for our skinny fetish loving pleasure.

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Skinny teen porn model Athelia looks like she’s missed a few meals. But that’s OK. The more skinny, thin and slender they get, the more we skinny fetish lovers adore them. She’s short, petite and skinny as hell, just the way we like them. Teens nowadays seem like they’re getting skinnier and more horny by the day. Let’s hope the skinny teen thin anorexic type of models keep this trend going.

Petite little firecracker and skinny teen model posing like there’s no tomorrow.  She’s even got little curves, but one thing’s for sure.  She’s skinny as hell, almost definitely a sexy anorexic who loves to surf thinspiration sites.  But hey, she’s not the only one, is she?  We all love this skinny teen thin girl fetish.  It’s a fairly new fetish, and for the love of skinny teen young girls, it’s a great fetish.  Just like this little petite porn model you see here, I love all skinny nude porn models one in the same.  If they’re emaciated, I love them dearly.  Don’t you?

It’s been a couple days since I last posted, but I’m back.  I’ve been working long and hard to find the skinniest, hottest, tall and slender teen models around and I’m back with a good one.  Feast your thin and skinny fetish loving eyes on Czarina of 18 Pussy Club;

 18 pussy club blonde russian teen young posing model looking so hot thin and skinny its absolutely amazing

Yeah, I know, she’s not as thinspirational as some of the other skinny teen girls we’ve featured, but we have to cast a wide net.  The viewers of this blog range in tastes from ‘skinny’, thin girls to track mark anorexia riddled skinny fashion model types.  Here’s one of the former.  Hey, you can see her bony frame, ribs showing and my wouldn’t every one of us thin fetish lovers of skinny teen girls love to be the cotton lining of this skinny teen nude porn model’s cute panties?

Yeah, I know.  No need to think anymore.

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Back arched and pale white skin to boot. This hot young Croatian teen is so skinny her ribs are showing. Thank you for petite, very thin, extremely skinny girls, know what I mean? With those long, skinny teen legs of hers and that cute small teddy bear, she’s a sight for the eyes. If she was the skinniest girl around, I’d still fancy her. In fact I’d fancy her even more, especially if she was anorexic kind of skinny. Weird fetish, but a good fetish, wouldn’t you agree?

Peep her and more out at 18 Pussy Club.  They’re HAWT!

This is what *I* like to see on a sunny spring day, a tall, skinny teen posing outdoors, nude!  Check out or thin nude teen in her moment of feeling how free she really is.  Must be nice to be so young, so skinny, and so sexy!  I love in this pic that her ribs are showing.  Her lower body, and upper legs could be a little more thin to fit my personal fetish criteria, but there’s no doubting that this is a skinny nude teen.  I’d also like to see her in a hardcore scenario, having wild sex with me, but I guess I can’t have everything I want, eh?

What do you guys think?  Is she young or teen enough?  Is she skinny or thin enough to your thin fetish likings?

Either way you look at it, we like skinny teens in the nude, and this one fits the bill.  She can stay as skinny as she already is, or get full blown anorexic and I’d still be just as horny as ever.

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Watch skinny young blonde Dominika with her seriously long legs posing naked for you.  Her legs are like a mile long and her skinny waif body is smoking fine too.  I’m loving this thin fetish style body of hers.  She’s like a goddess of anorexic fashion models or something.  When she showed up for the shoot, I KNOW she didn’t ask ‘When’s lunch?’  Because we KNOW rice and red beans did miss this skinny teen porn model.  Tall and thin blond bombshells like this are a dime a dozen, and guess what, I’ve got a dollar on that slender and petite teen! Whatchu got?

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Well, I don’t have much of an excuse as to why you only get to see the ass end of this skinny fetish teen girl other than I didn’t look too far into the tour before I was caught by how perfect this site is for our skinny fetish, skinny porn and thin fetishes we are blessed with.  So I knicked the picture and here she is;

SKinny teen porn girl nude, face down ass up slim fetish kind of girl nude outdoors doing porn movie shoots.

I mean, fuck me, guys.  Check out that VIEW!  If there were more very skinny girls out there, I’d not only have a thin or skinny porn fetish, I’d have a mother fucking roller blading fetish!  That’s just how I like my frail, innocent teen porn models, on their hands and knees.  This bitch probably doesn’t even know how to rollerblade, but ya know what?  That’s OK.

She can just lie there and let me closely inspect every little skinny crevice inside and our of her petite little hard body.  I wouldn’t even need to touch her.  I’d just stare, and appreciate this gift from god.  I bet she smells great too.  WHY DO  I LOVE THIN AND SKINNY NAKED GIRLS SO FUCKING MUCH??? 

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How about you? Why do you like them and when did youfirst realize you have a thin for skinny thin fetish?  Post your comments, let’s chat about out blessed fetish!!

Well well.  Look what we have here.  I was doing my usual thin fetish and skinny teen porn research when I stumbled upon this beautiful blonde girl.  Her name is Luisa from MC Nudes and by god is she skinny, thin and sexy!  I’m especially digging her long, thin legs and very well kept feet.  There we go again, hitting on multiple fetishes of mine.  Without further ado, here’s Luisa in her skinny, thin porn model glory;

Luisa Mc-Nudes MC Nudes fashion model outdoors by swimming pool deck sunning blonde fetish thin

Like, how long are those super skinny legs?  1-2 miles?  I’d like to nibble on her sexy feet and toes, work my way up her mile long legs and dive into some of that skinny girl pussy.  But wouldn’t we all?  I’ve had a long day today, so I won’t type much longer.  But don’t you just love this fucking thin fetish, skinny girl porn blog?  I mean, it’s free or gratis, and I deliver you the thinnest, skinniest porn bitches on the net.  ::pats shoulder::  I’m out.

Click here to check out MC Nudes for lots of other skinny bitches like this thin, petite little bimbo.

That’s right, fellas.  I’ve started the first (or one of them) porno Tube style site for guys like us who like really thin, skinny porn girls.  Right now there is just Nubiles teens on it, which is great because Nubiles girls totally fit our slim, skinny and thin fetish type of requirements.  But soon I’ll be editing out the girls who are not thin or skinny enough to be included as well as adding tons and tons of other skinny teen videos and movies that I find in my so called ‘research’.  This skinny porn and teen Tube site is very new, so I’m not sure if you can even upload videos in this version.  But if this works out, then we’ll upgrade it to a better script that will get you all involved as well.

This is a static page, so stay tuned here for more updates and shit.  In the meantime, make sure to enjoy the rest of this blog packed with young teenage girls with skinny, thin, emaciated, anorexic and downright lanky bodies that we all know and love.

This photo will CHANGE AUTOMATICALLY every single day!  It’s from a site I found while buying trial memberships to places I’ve identified with many hot skinny porn type of girls.  I’m not sure if the blog formatting and sizing will look right with the automatic pictures, but fuck it, we can try anyway.

skinny model of the day automatic skinny porn fetish thin teen young nude

 This site MPL Studios looks to be made somewhere in Europe, perhaps Eastern Europe (Russia? Romania?).  They have really high quality, artistic pics of really skinny, young looking girls.  I don’t think there’s any hardcore thin fetish kind of content. This site seems to be more about appreciation of the skinniest, cutest, young teen girls.  This photog has style, that’s for sure.  And excellent taste.  Not every picture every day will feature a girl that fits our skinny porn fetish, thin fetish or sexy anorexic fetishes.   But one thing is for sure, there will always be a pretty young girl for your heart’s content.

So bookmark this page, come back, and see what’s going on.  Soon I will add more POTD (Pictures of the Day) to this thread.  Actually, I think I’ll add this also as a page next to the About Skinny Fetish page.  Enjoy!

Check out MPL Studios for more girls like the one posted today!

My dear thin fetishists, I’d like to introduce skinny teen model Ivana.  That’s Ivana Fukalot to you (she’s eastern European, duh!).  This skinny fashion model teen is nice and tanned with a beautiful, young face.  Her long legs and perky petite titties are quite alluring I must say.

In the photo below, yet again, more of my micro niches are being combined; young, skinny teen fetish, and beautiful, small sexy feet(foot) fetishes!  Lil teen model Ivana even painted her toe nails a cute silver color.  I wouldn’t mind running my tongue tongue from the tip of her toes all the way up to her big velvet curtains.  Hey, looks like she needs some help pulling down her teenie girl panties, any takers?

ivanafukalot, ivana, i wanna, fuckalot, foot, feet, fetish and sexy anorexia thin fetish phots are right here for you to see and love.

The next picture is of Ivana Fukalot (God I love that fucking sexy chick name!) at the same nude photo and video shoot.  I like the way you can see the contour of her veins popping out.  This little girl simply has no fat.  She’s very fucking skinny, no if ands or butts about it.  I guess that’s part of the draw to this thin fetish?  The contours and silhouettes of these odd, yet feminine shaped girls.  It’s thin, skinny girls like this that keep me going each and every day.

ivana fukalot front view skinny thin wafer waif boney bony ultra thin fetish sex nude posing models proana

Give a hand (yes, stop stroking your meat, slick!) to this hot teenie.  Or some breadcrumbs!  Whatever it is you want to give her, we want to give her our deepest love of skinny and thin fetish.  Long live Skinny Teen Porn Blog!

Click here to see all of the photos and videos of this skinny Goddess-girl we now know and love.

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