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We are pleased to announce our friends have launched a 100% free place to enjoy anorexic girls!  You can talk about them, make your own blogs about them (nude, and non nude; and you can put adverts on your blogs to even make some money!), and you can view and make your own photo album […]

The following article was posted at The Times Online, a UK based publication.  How absurd is this?  My thoughts are if someone wants to be really skinny, slim or slender, who cares?  Let them be. Promoting extreme thinness will become a criminal offense punishable with jail in France under a government-backed law that was tabled […] That’s right, fellas.  I’ve started the first (or one of them) porno Tube style site for guys like us who like really thin, skinny porn girls.  Right now there is just Nubiles teens on it, which is great because Nubiles girls totally fit our slim, skinny and thin fetish type of requirements.  But soon […]

My dear thin fetishists, I’d like to introduce skinny teen model Ivana.  That’s Ivana Fukalot to you (she’s eastern European, duh!).  This skinny fashion model teen is nice and tanned with a beautiful, young face.  Her long legs and perky petite titties are quite alluring I must say. In the photo below, yet again, more […]

   Well well, what skinny little model do we have here?  Introducing, Sasha a.k.a. SashaBlonde.  She’s a hot little thin teen.  She’s very photogenic and actually gets into her photo-shoots.  They’re downright artsy.  What I wouldn’t give to lock a collar around her and have my way with her frail, slim, skinny and ultra thin […]

  Introducing, SimonScans. This site, which I actually worked for as marketing manager, is consistently rated in the top 5 of all porn websites on the net. What’s even better is he has lots of sexy, thin, skinny and emaciated pro-ana type of models. He shoots alot of his skinny fetish content in Eastern Europe […]

This post was in response to an article here that raised the issue of porn and anorexia; It is not that we (yes, I came based on a similar search) are looking for actual anorexics as displayed in the second image. Rather, this is a manifestation of the shifting baselines phenomenon. Human evolution has trained […]

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